Chroma Key Studio

Need to shoot against a greenscreen? That's no problem, the studio can be arranged to suit your production needs. You can go with just dry hire of the space, and bring your own crew and kit.

Alternatively you can rent equipment from us - such as HD or 4K cameras, LED lighting, multi-channel audio, teleprompter and much more.

green screen video dublin mini

Single Camera Green Screen Setup

If you have a single contributor, talking to camera - then we have a setup perfect for this. We can provide lighting too (for just the greenscreen, or 3 point lighting for the talent as well), and we can even set it up in advance (called pre-lighting) so its ready to go when you arrive to the studio.

Should you want a camera operator with camera/ tripod/ lens/ audio kit - we can provide that as well in either day or half day durations.

As for a teleprompter and operator? Just ask!

Two or Three Camera Green Screen Setup

Two or Three camera green screen setup:
If you have two or more people on screen together, then you need a bigger chroma-key setup, which means more lights, more cameras, more mics, and more crew!
Don’t stress - we have it all available in house.

Alongside our colleagues in The Production Company, we can ensure that you have the crew needed to execute your shot list, on schedule, and within budget.

Our L shaped green screen setup measures 4m by 4.5m and is 2.7m high. It is ideal for a 2 or 3 camera, multi-angle, video setup.

We can provide access to our large kitchen, or organise catering services to deliver meals in time for your scheduled breaks.